Since it’s the holiday party season, there is so much a party host has to prepare for. From making foods to baking endless batches of cookies. A sangria or punch is something that is easy and can be thrown together quickly. You don’t have to make individual¬†drinks, just set a punch bowl or set up a self-serve carafe. Another nice thing about making a sangria is that most of the time there is not an exact measurement of the ingredients to go in it. For this recipe, I didn’t use a recipe I found elsewhere, I instead made something like what I had at a different Christmas party. So, when making this, you don’t need to use the measurements I provided, instead taste it and add more or less to it. What I may think tastes great, may be different for you and your guests.

-1 Bottle of Moscato (or other white wine of your choosing)
-About half bottle of CranApple juice
-About 5 oz Rum
-2 Limes
-2 Lemons
-2 Oranges

Don’t forget to taste the drink after each step to help you determine how much of the next ingredient you should add.
1.Thinly slice limes, lemons, and oranges.
2. Add in Moscato
3. Pour in CranApple juice
4. Add Rum for an extra kick
5. And in the fruit that you sliced in step 1.
6. Stir the drink around a little bit so that the juice from the citrus is released.
7. Enjoy!