Contacting the Mixologist

Q. I have a question for you:

A. I might have an answer for you. Use the contact form and I will do my best to get back to you with an answer. If you have a question about a specific drink that was posted about, I recommend commenting on the recipe and someone may be able to help you.

Q. I work in PR/marketing for a company that has a product that your readers would love, can I send you a sample?

A. Yes I would love a sample. I love trying new things. Be sure that it is something I might like. Check out the about page to learn my tastes. If I write a review of your product I can’t guarantee I will give it a good review just because it was free. I exercise free speech on this Website.

Q. I would like to advertise on your Website:

A. Fantastic. Use the contact form and describe the company in which you want to advertise for and what kind of advertising spot you’re looking for.


Q. How do I print a recipe?

A. Try to limit the number of things you print. This Website is dynamic and so are the recipes. I modify them from time to time. If you need the recipe in front of you, I suggest using your mobile phone as the site was built with a responsive design. If you really need to print, hover over the share button at the bottom of the post. It will open other buttons, where there is a button for printing.

Q. How do I E-mail a recipe?

A. Hover over the share button at the bottom of the post. It will open other buttons, where there is a button for E-mail.

Q. How often are E-mail newsletters sent out?

A. They are sent out every time a new recipe is posted.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from the E-mail?

A. To unsubscribe, simply click the “Click here to safely unsubscribe now” link at the bottom of any of the emails you receive, and you will be instantly removed from mailings.

Q. I noticed an error on your Website, I would love to tell you about it:

A. Shucks. Let’s blame it on new updates to the Website software. If it is an issue with the coding of the Website or you’re getting a 404 page, use the contact form and describe the error with steps you used to get to the error.

Q. I noticed a spelling or grammatical error, since I’m an English nazi, I want to let you know:

A. Shucks again. I’m not perfect, and never been, nor am I aspiring to be a professional writer. Please use the contact form to let me know what page has an grammar or spelling error and I will get that corrected right away.


Q. The store looks messed up when viewing on a mobile phone.

A. Sadly, this is the only part of the Website that isn’t mobile friendly. If you want to view the store, please use your computer.

Q. The store says “Powered by Amazon,” what does that mean?

A. It means that I am an Amazon Associate. Anytime something is bought through my store, I make a (very) small percentage off the sale. I use this money to continue to maintain the Website. Therefore, if you want to see improvements to the content, please use my store links to purchase items for your bar.

Q. I would like to return product or my product didn’t arrive, what do I need to do?

A. Since all orders are placed through Amazon, you must work with Amazon to handle returns and shipping issues.

Q. How are items selected?

A. Items are hand-selected by Dallas. The products selected are products that he uses in his bar, or they have received good reviews.


Q. Your images aren’t high quality like other recipe sites, why?

A. Well, this isn’t a photoblog. I am more interested in making the drinks not taking pictures of them. To take the photos, I simply use my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3. Sometimes, if someone submits a recipe, I will use the photo that they submitted with it. Of course they will be credited with the image.

Q. I would like to use one of your images, how can I do that?

A. Photos on Bottles to Glass are under copyright. If you want to use a photo, please use the permalink to the post in which the photo came from and link it back to my site. Be sure to give Bottles to Glass, all of the credit for the photo.


Q. Why didn’t this recipe work for me?

A. Simply put… I have no idea. Perhaps your pour was too long or you used the wrong ingredient and didn’t notice because you were too intoxicated. If you have a problem with a recipe, I would post the issue you had with it in the comments section and see if anyone had the same problem or someone may be able to help you out.

Q. Can I substitute this for that?

A. Potentially. Use the comments sections to see if it worked for someone else. You’ll need to use something that is similar. For example, Cointreau and Triple Sec can be used interchangeably.

Q. I have a recipe that you should share:

A. Awesome. I would love to post it. Use the “Submit A Drink” form. It may take a while for the recipe to be posted as recipes are scheduled where I see they would fit best.

Q. You ripped off a recipe from another Website or from a book:

A. I do use other sources for inspiration, but I will always give credit where credit is due. If I adapt a recipe, I will also say that is what I did.

Didn’t answer your question with this page? Use the contact form.